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Jurassic World 2

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Jurassic Park 4 should be a sort of a reboot.




Posted Aug-15-2012 9:44 AM

I think you have more potential with a reboot. Plus we got two creative writers who helped revive the ROTPOTA series, with a new modern origin story. I think JP4 should do the same thing. Make it into a reboot of how the scientists created the dino's, but they got out of hand and they escape the lab. As the military try to destroy the dino's, they insist on saving them, so they transport the dinos to the Jurassic Park zoo in San Diego. Something goes horribly wrong as one of the intelligent raptors escape the zoo and unleashes all the dinos. As they have spreaded all across the west coast. Several years the dinos are breeding in the now deserted cities. The military decides to capture the dinos and bring them back to the island. As the citie have been heavily dense with lush forests, the dangers of whatever lurks in the reserve await. As several military soldiers were unsuccessful in capturing the creatures, the movie leaves a climax for the next movie as to we just have to evolve with them. Eh eh, what you think?

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Aug-15-2012 12:07 PM

Not fond of the idea...it's already a very modernized series, if not slightly futuristic. Plus, the first two still stick close enough to their source material, and the rest of what you think could be done in an upcoming movie, though, as I've said before, you'd have to find a really good reason the military doesn't just wipe the dinosaurs out when they reach the mainland as it wouldn't be a difficult solution. I would think a different mainland would work better, like in Costa Rica or one of it's nearby inhabited islands. Then you have dinosaurs in a populated area, but not one that's of absolute necessity for governments to take major concern in. In the Lost World book I believe, there's situations of dead dinosaurs washing up on the shores and even rumors of some getting off the island. Namely Procompsognathus, and the raptors were on their way to sneaking off on a departing boat at the end of the Jurassic Park book. Giving it too much of an urban chaos setting would just make it seem like one of those cheesy B-list Scyfy movies. But a small island town or village...now that's workable material...


Aug-15-2012 4:38 PM

I'd rather see something more like the whole "dinos from mosquitos" turned out to be a lie by Dr. Hammond. He plus a select few of his scientists knew of the actual way they where creating the Dinosaurs. Something where we can discover that he held a bunch of things secret and so on and so forth, we discover a secret island and we discover there was a more sinister plan from him and the truth comes out of how they where able to make the Dinos. I think that would work a lot better than a reboot, because you'll never recapture that thrill of the first one, but it could still freshen things up and have suspense to it. Anyone agree with me?


Aug-15-2012 5:09 PM

Actually, that's not a bad idea. That could actually work. I would go to see that.


Aug-15-2012 6:54 PM

Thanks. It's really just a branch off of your idea because I think you're coming from where everybody else is....I mean how many times are people going to get sucked back into the original islands without it being so corny? Plus all people ever say is the mosquito thing was proven over and over that it's not possible since the original came out. So why not just run with that whole idea, admit that it was a bad plot line by kind of twisting it around as some hidden conspiracy by Hammond, or maybe somebody he hired along the way tricked HIM into thinking the mosquitos where the root of it all? Like I said it's all based off your idea but how about lets not reboot the actual events of the original movie, but more or less reboot the IDEA that something else was going on and give the series a real adrenaline shot.


Aug-15-2012 7:05 PM

Nice, good ideas there ... I think the history of the companies or even some military government level would be interesting, you know something new...


Aug-15-2012 7:34 PM

I also got another idea, if what we've learned about the amber and that they got the DNA from their, that it was all a LIE! What if they new how to create dinosaurs with a new discovery, and just covered up telling Dr.Grant and Ian Malcom that, "Oh yeah, for sure we did create dino's with amber." but infact that isn't true! What if Jurassic Park, all the stuff we did learned on how InGen created the dinos were false, and they created them in a different way. MINDBLOWING!!!

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